Imports Consultants

We undertake your imports

Pointing out/Finding suppliers and/or associates from abroad based on pre-agreed terms.
Research, analysis and guidance of new products for your business.
Guidance and control of existing staff in your business without having to hire new staff.
expert services dubai registered agents
Support on a continuous basis by “searching” for new products of your interest and your imports expansion.
Help in achieving the desired result of increasing your sales in Cyprus and abroad.
tax optimization
Reducing the financial risk of your imports by using the specialised service of ecan trading department B2B of delivering the products you order at your storage space at specific price.

Who We Are

Ecan consultants have been active for 26 years providing specialized consultancy services.

It has been providing help to different kinds of businesses, freelance professionals and private individuals with emphasis on professionalism, punctuality and effectiveness.

By utilising its academic qualifications and its wide business experience, Ecan’s consultancy team provides specialized services to its customers, offers its customers the potential to evaluate the business opportunities “offered” to them, to minimize the chances of failure of their business, as well as to reduce personal and business risk.

Ecan consultants provides services of Business Coaching, restructuring of loans, business mediation, Exports, Imports, Promotion of Businesses and Programme funding, for which it has several years of important experience.

ecan consultants
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